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Month: April 2016

Boiler breakdown repairs

The combo boilers provide hot water and heat for the home without the need to use a water tank. They are convenient methods used to heat homes and they are the ideal choice for smaller properties or a flat where having a large water tank is not a practical or viable choice. Even if it has increased in popularity, some people think that boilers are not suitable or reliable for a large property. The combo boilers are most of the time more convenient and efficient compared to a water tank, but they are also complex and they may cause problems. However, these problems may not be too serious, and simple Boiler repairs Clerkenwell may resolve the problem. When you experience the problems with the boiler, you should know first the reason behind the problem and make sure that the problem is not the result of the connections. There are some problems with the boiler that may be fixed faster without even having to call for an engineer. The best way to do this is to understand these problems in the first place. When you decide to call for the technician, you have to be aware of some common problems that may make the boiler fail. When the level of the bar is under 1, you have to refill it first. When the level is higher to 1.5, you may need to release the pressure. You have to read the boiler manual before you restart or refill the boiler to ensure that you understand what the problems are and which solutions are available. The problem may be with the pilot light, but the light can turn off because of many reasons and some of them are not good enough reasons for you to call for the technician. The lights may relight themselves safely.

How to unblock a sink

When you are not able to identify the place where the blockage is, you have to know that there are many plumbers who offer the CCTV drain camera service where they feed a camera into the drain. They will be able to identify what is causing the issues and this will save unnecessary maintenance. It is important for effective and fundamental plumbing repairs like when the storm water drains are blocked by tree roots. Jet blasting is used when a blocked sink Clerkenwell was caused by a major sewer blockage. It puts powerful jet water in the entire drain system and it will force the grime and debris out without having any need to access the pipe physically. The drain of the bathroom may be a place that is disgusting. Before you start to work on the blocked pipe, you have to take out everything in the cabinets under the sink so that you can have enough space where you can work. When you go down the sink, you will find a P trap that contains the water that may prevent the smell of the gas from the sewer line so that it does not go back into the pipe. Everything will have to pass into the bend, and then it can be easy to get to the clogs in that place. You may remove it easily when you loosen the plastic nuts on the pipe. You are going to separate the pipes and to get to the P trap. You should have a container to collect the excess water or to put the things that caused the blocked sink Clerkenwell if you find them. You will have a straight pipe at the base of the sink. After getting rid of the blockage, you have to ensure that there is nothing else that can block the sink and put everything back in place.

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